• Image of Blake's Flakes Metal Flake

Blake's Flakes Metal Flake is the highest quality metal flake on the market today.
It is manufactured, bottled, and shipped from right here in the USA by the same manufacturer
that has been producing metal flake for the past 40+ years.

Blake's Flakes metal flake is loose metal flake, shipped securely in special anti-static jars for easy storage and use.
All Blake's Flakes are sold by WEIGHT, not volume, insuring that you are getting what you pay for.
We slightly over-fill our bottles, as we try to account for slight amounts of loss during mixing and application.

Perfect for painting your car, motorcycle, boat, helmet, making art panels, or just about anything you want to make sparkle!
Blake's Flakes Metal Flake is solvent resistant- making it perfect for many different applications.

Available in 2oz and 5oz bottles
2oz= $14.99
5oz= $29.99

All of Blake's Flakes colors are available in the standard particle size of .015.

Different particles sizes are available for for the following colors:
Alpha silver (.004, .008. .015, and .025)
Chrome Silver (.004, .008, .015, and .025)
the particle size of Alpha Silver Splinter cut is /062 x .0125
The particle size of the Random Cut is Random, with particles as big as .035